My name is.....

“Oh, hell yes, another blog!”  No one ever says these words, and, quite frankly, they shouldn’t.  There are so many other, far better ways to spend one’s time.  However, occasionally, a blog comes along that can actually add to the lives of its readers.  I hope that I am able to do just that, my friends.

Hi, my name is Joey Waters.  I am a 40 year old drummer from Kentucky, and I started ‘On the 1’ an apparel company aimed at the drumming community.  In an effort to not bore the ass right off of my readers, I will attempt to keep each entry fairly brief, but useful.  In this first entry, I want to talk a bit about my background as a drummer and what to expect in the future. 

I started playing drums in 1994 at age 14.  My idols at the time were Matt Cameron, Vinnie Paul, and John Tempesta.  While I enjoyed woodshedding my chops on pillows and practice pads, my biggest obsessions were creating memorable drum parts like my idols, and constantly working on the sound of my drums.  This approach didn’t exactly catapult me into the next generation of technical drumming powerhouses (which I will talk about in a later blog), but I do know how to make my drums sound great, and I know how to contribute to the songwriting process in a way that makes me an asset to bands, not just a hired gun.

Throughout my 26 years behind the kit, I have had the privilege to be a part of seven full-length records, work under the watchful eye of some of the most amazing producers and engineers in rock music, go on a European tour, and play in two of the biggest progressive rock festivals in the world.  While my CV doesn’t compare to most full-time, professional drummers, I have learned quite a bit over the last quarter century, both as a player, and as a full-time member of four bands. 

Long story short, I am not a rockstar, nor will I ever be.  However, I feel like I have some things to say, some knowledge to share, and, yes, some shirts to sell.  I want to talk to you about drum gear, great players, technique, mistakes, and anything else I can conjure that needs to be said about the wide, wide, world of drums.  And I hope that I hear some feedback from you all in the process.  So kick back, crank up ‘Far Beyond Driven’ and let’s talk drums!   

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